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It has been a long time coming my friends, but it looks as though the Arrested Development movie is still on it’s way to hitting the big screen. Producer Mitch Hurwitz gave us some encouraging news in a recent interview with Rolling Stone saying that he is working on the Arrested Development movie RIGHT NOW. He was hesitant about giving away concrete details, and honestly it sounds like the project is in the initial stages. Hurwitz is still waiting on 20th Century Fox to green light the film, but from way it’s sounding the decision makers are liking what they’ve seen so far, with Hurwitz saying quote “everybody seems really into it and really eager to make a movie.” The new Arrested Development show was revived this year on Netflix, and did pretty well, but perhaps not as well as some fans had hoped. And with all of this movie buzz going around, many people were curious about what the future of the Arrested Development franchise would look like. Would we see the movie next? OR would we get a 5th season? Well, from what Hurwitz is saying It seems like the plan right now is to focus on getting the cast together for the movie first, with hopefully a 5th season to follow. So, do you all think we will ever see this Arrested Development movie happen? And what are your thoughts on Season 4 of the Netflix show? Chat with us about it in the comments, and also on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well. Thanks for watching ClevverMovies everyone, Im Erin White, and ill see you next time.