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Superman’s famous “no kill” rule shouldn’t apply to Zack Snyder’s version of the character. That’s according to Man of Steel screen writer, David Goyer, who is defending Supe’s decision to, major spoiler alert if you haven’t seen Man of Steel, to well…kill Zod. Traditionally, it is against Supes moral code to kill, which is has been a big critique of Superman fans. But Goyer says that he disagrees with his fellow comic book writers and fans telling Digital Spy quote “I just don’t believe in rules like that… I believe when you’re writing film or television, you can’t rely on a crutch or rule that exists outside of the narrative of the film.” Goyer said that the creative team knew in advance that having Superman kill Zod was going to cause a fuss among fans, but they really wanted to put the character in an impossible situation to be faced with making an impossible choice. He elaborated further saying that Zod wasn’t the type of villain that you could lock in a prison on earth, and in Man of Steel, Superman can’t fly to the moon and to put him there. But also, putting Superman in a position where he had to make the decision to murder someone is something that will remain on his conscious and it will be something that Superman will have to deal with in future films. So, Goyer is saying that their decision will actually add to Superman’s story. Right now Goyer is busy writing the script for the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, and when he was asked if he was also working on Justice League as well he said quote “might be, cant say.” Interesting. So, if you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet, sorry if I spoiled anything for ya, but you all will be able to get it on Blu-ray, DVD or digitally on November 12th. But for those of us who have seen it, what do you all think about Superman not going by the “no kill” rule? Are you on the side of the comics? Or on Goyer’s side? Sound off below, and make sure you are also connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter at ClevverMovies. From our Clevver headquarters, in Hollywood, Im Erin White and Ill see you soon!

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