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Screenwriters Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman are ready to try and scare the pants off of ya in Paranormal Activity 5. According to THR, Pagan and Deutschman have landed the job of writing the new script for the next horror flick in the Paranormal Activity franchise, which by the way has made more than $718 million worldwide so far. These two will likely start writing the new script pronto, because Paranormal Activity 5 is already set for an October 2014 release. But who are Jason Pagan and Andrew Deutschman? Well, we don’t know too much about them except that they did work on the script for Michael Bay’s upcoming sci-fi thriller called Almanac which will be a found footage film that centers on the creation of a time machine. Now, if you can’t wait a year before you get your Paranormal Activity fix, then let me point you in the direction of a Latin-themed spinoff version called Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, which comes out on January 3rd, 2014 and which was written by Paranormal 2, 3, and 4 screenwriter Christopher Landon. So, it doesn’t look like the era of the “hand held horror movie” is slowing down, but with these two new writers on board, would you be more or less likely to check out the 5th installment next year? Sound off below, or over on Twitter too at ClevverMovies. You all are the greatest audience ever! Thanks so much for sticking with us every single day. From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and Ill see ya soon!