Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen Talk X-MEN: DOFP
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Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart talk about their younger X-Men selves in Days of Future Past! We can hardly wait until Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters next summer. So any time any member of the cast opens up about the film, we are all ears. The latest tidbit is coming from X-Men veterans Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. These two spoke with The Wall Street Journal about working with the younger version of their characters on the film, who are course being played by Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. Well, if you were hoping McKellen and Fassbender would share a moment on screen together, then I have bad news for you. McKellen revealed that they don’t have any scenes together. When asked if they (Stewart and McKellen) had to sync up with the younger versions of their characters McKellen joked saying “No, its up to them to sync with us” to which Stewart added “we came first!!” McKellen also said that he and Fassbender never tried working on Magneto together saying quote “I think he made it clear that he wanted to be his own Magneto and that suits the nature of the story and his part in it.” However, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy will share one scene together as Charles Xavier, and we have seen a glimpse of that in the trailer. Stewart says that he looks back on filming that scene with adoration saying quote “There was a certain happy charm about it…it was James’ first day or work and it was my last day. So, I was saying goodbye to X-Men and he was saying hello” Since director Bryan Singer announced a new X-Men: Apocalypse film in 2016, the two actors were asked if they knew anything about that project, and according to them they have been left completely out of the loop and didn’t even know that there was a new movie coming out until someone unrelated to the project mentioned it to them. McKellen said quote “Which probably means were not in it” to which Stewart said “And then they’ll find they need us after all, if were lucky.” If you haven’t yet, make sure you mark your new 2014 calendars for May 23rd, because that’s when X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters. But before you go, let us know if you are bummed that Magneto will not be appearing with himself in Days of Future Past? And if would you like to see McKellen and Stewart in the upcoming Apocalypse?
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