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Are we getting our first look at Vin Diesel as Groot? Well, you be the judge. In true Vin Diesel form, the actor posted a new video on his Facebook page and in it he is wearing some interesting “stilt meets pogostick” footwear that looks like they were stolen right out of Groot’s closet! We assume that Vin is Marvels problem child, because the studio takes pride on being super tight lipped about any and everything regarding their production. And Diesel is anything but secretive, and he is constantly updating his Facebook fans about everything he’s working on. And today is no exception. Diesel posted this video of himself walking around on these contraptions while he was on set of Fast 7, and in the video it’s hard to make out clearly but he says something like “to get ready for my motion capture for Guardians, for Groot. Im playing a 7 and a half foot tree. Do I look like at tree to you?” Also later in the video he says that while his dad taught him that there are no small roles, only small actors Vin says that while he only has one line in the movie, hes going to work to make it quote “the best that he possibly can.” Now, what’s interesting about all of this is that with as much as Vin Diesel has been talking about playing Groot, Marvel has yet to release any official confirmation that Diesel has been cast. But why? The studio confirmed Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon, why haven’t they come out to claim Vin as one of their own yet? Kinda strange, but what do you think? If Vin will be playing Groot what’s Marvel’s hold up? And what do you think of his new kicks? Let us know what you’re thinking, and make sure you are connecting with us over on Facebook and Twitter as well at ClevverMovies. Im Erin White, and Ill catch ya later.

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