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When Superman and Zod battled it out in this summers Man of Steel, most of us couldn’t help but notice how destructive things got in Metropolis. And while Superman had a happy ending, folks couldn’t help but feel bad for all of those poor civilians who didn’t make it out of the city alive. I mean, did all of those people really have to die? I thought Superman was supposed to save more of us not kill more of us!! Well, Zack Snyder basically says that that was how it had to go down. And he can’t feel too bad about it because he was trying to incorporate mythology into the story. In an interview with The Japan Times, Snyder said quote “I wanted the movie to have a mythological feeling. In ancient mythology, mass deaths are used to symbolize disasters. In other countries like Greece and Japan, myths were recounted through the generations, partly to answer unanswerable questions about death and violence. In America, we don’t have that legacy of ancient mythology. Superman … is probably the closest we get. It’s a way of recounting the myth.” Ok, but will the Batman/Superman movie have as much destruction? Well, Snyder didn’t say, but I would guess that the story will have to head over to Gotham City if he wants to find any civilians left to save…But I digress…Now, Snyder continued on to say that while Superman is very much a superhero, we can’t expect him to be perfect. He said quote ” In many ways, Clark Kent’s dilemma is the American dilemma. Wherever we’re from, we all have this very strong desire for acceptance. When he’s young, most of Clark Kent’s efforts are directed toward being like everyone else. So the fact that he’s not like everyone and never will be is very difficult for him to accept. … If he steps in to save everyone, he’ll never be accepted as a normal guy.” So, ok we got it, Superman can’t save everyone….but with the help of Batman, and possibly other Justice League heroes, surely the odds of survival for the citizens of Earth increase right? Make that happen, Snyder. So, did any of you out there think that there were too many civilian deaths in Man of Steel? Or, does that just come with the territory? Sound off in the comments, or over on twitter too at ClevverMovies. Thanks for watching us, y’all. Im Erin White, and I will see you in the next video!